Shaping solutions for the connected world


Last week the team from Techrun Technologies attended Salesforce World Tour event in London. Having been involved with Salesforce for over two years we felt it was a compulsory attendance for us. Although not sure what benefit we would get out of it, if any, we thought if anything it would be nice to get all the directors together for a business strategy review, a time that we often find difficult to find due to our geographically diverse bases. We also wanted to find out why do big companies lay out such a big party for their constituents, and this is what we found:

Salesforce had indeed laid out a big show, keynote theater, breakout sessions, small business talks, learning adventure lands, partner booths and so on, all attracting huge interest from what I estimate was about 5,000 strong motivated and energetic participants who were all there willingly and all these ingredients was making and keeping the atmosphere quite vibrant. And of course amidst all the drama talks and theatrical performances by the Executives of Salesforce, there was a very tastefully thought off menu of nibbles, lunch and drinks being served in a well-orchestrated manner.

The Connected world

Salesforce was projecting, demonstrating and talking about today’s connected world. The whole manner in which the event was organised demonstrated today’s connected customer and the expectations around customer experiences during various types of interactions. A film shot played in the keynote speech by Polly Sumner (Chief Adoption Officer of Salesforce) was all about her previous 24 hours as she traveled from Paris to London and then finally to the event venue and how she experienced various customer journeys while utilising various services. I remember in the early 90s Motorola created futuristic videos to demonstrate how the consumers of the then tomorrow would utilise communications and technology in their daily lives. But this film shot was real, it was shot during the past 25 hours right up to 2 hours before it was shown and it was about what is happening now with a simple message; In order to meet the expectations of today’s customer a good price and a good service is just not enough, it is about providing the customer the experiences and continually improving these and as a company recording each of these individual interactions to use them time and again to improve the forthcoming experiences of the same customers.  The connected world presents opportunities for companies who want to identify them and make the best use of them.

Cross the bridge before you come to it

QM_SFWe did not go with any expectations of either learning about the products, getting any new leads or even gathering or distributing our business cards, instead, we went with a view to analyse the purpose of this event from the perspective of Salesforce, and its visitors. What we found was that the event demonstrated the level of interest Salesforce has already generated and how popular it already is. So why lay out such a huge event if your product is already experiencing hyper growth, it is already popular and it is already selling? The answer lies yet again in “tomorrow”, Salesforce is trying to become a leader in shaping the things to come. Salesforce is projecting the path the customer expectations is moving on and its telling the businesses what tools they need now to sell again to their customer tomorrow. Salesforce has put all these tools in its shop today and that is why Salesforce is a trend setter and industry leader as things stand today.

About the Author: Qasim Mahmood is a Business Solution Specialist with over 20 years of operational and project experience in a variety of verticals, defining, designing and implementing various types of operation and business support systems including Sales Automation, Billing, Service and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). More recently Qasim is concentrating on  based solutions for  charities and small businesses with a goal to make technology work within the constraints of time and budgets. For comments or further information about any of the aspects mentioned in the post please contact Qasim Mahmood directly on