Salesforce Quick Start


Sign up for FREE Trial of Salesforce

Visit website and select an appropriate Sales or Service cloud trial version to sign up for a free trial. if you wish to discuss this or any other aspect please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Contact Us button on this page. After you sign up for the free trial version you will be sent an email with login details. Follow the directions in the email to achieve the following: • Create your username and password • Ensure your profile is set as "System administrator" Congratulations ! You now have access to your very own Salesforce Enterprise Edition. Don't worry if you are not familiar with all these terms, we will explain to you during our discussion in the next stage or just give us a call and one of our staff members will walk you through it and discuss other aspects of planning and configuration.


Gather some basic information

As part of our initial discovery discussions we will need to know some basic information about your business. The types of information that we would like to know is listed below. Please collate this information and we can then discuss it during the next step when you will contact us.
  • Operating model of the business
  • Organisation hierarchy
  • Types of customers
  • Sales channels and processes
  • Service channels and processes
  • Existing applications in use
  • Key problems
  • Key challenges


Contact us for discussion

Click on the Contact Us button anywhere on this page to provide your contact details and one of our consultants will get in touch with you to discuss the aspects of getting started with Salesforce.