How top CRM stack up; according to Gartner


Gartner has published its CRM report for 2016 and it has some very interesting and informative information. It focuses on the Sales Force Automation (SFA) market (not to be confused with Salesforce products on platform) and talks about market growth in 2015 (9.8%) and a total market value ($6 Billion). It then analyses 19 products from 17 vendors and provides a great snapshot of the CRM products.

Gartner’s forecast for 2018

  • Manual data entry by salespeople will be reduced by 50% due to adoption of mobile sales productivity tools.
  • 20% of large B2B organizations will build business graphs of their sales processes to improve their sales execution.
  • 20% of B2B organizations will have changed their indirect channel sales approach by focusing on commercially available partner relationship management applications.

The way we see it at Techrun Technologies

Tehrun Technologies conducted a similar analysis of CRM products while evaluating solution options for a client in the charity sector. The span of Techrun analysis was 5 products from 5 vendors. This was adequate as we were able to create a shortlist of relevant products very quickly based on the “First Cut” criteria that we created. It was during this evaluation the we came across for the very first time. I suppose we can say, it was love at first sight!

At Techrun we actually see the above aspects in play. As the adoption of RM systems is increasing, we have seen that more and more sales and support people wish to do more using CRM systems. The more need is generating more questions and more use cases for improving the productivity and the scope of the activities. New roles are evolving and existing roles are metamorphing in to value chains in a manner that has never been seen before. We see a paradigm shift happening and all this is driven by the east at which the new systems can be implemented to meet the needs of the organisations. Salesforce built on the platform has played a market leading revolutionary role in making all this happen. Little of surprise then is to see the Salesforce as the leader in the “Magic Quadrant of Sales Force Automation” as defined by Gartner.


This report by Gartner is a a great piece of work for all organisations and vendors involved with either CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or SFA (Salesforce Automation).

We will however make one more point; while CRM and SFA are areas of established  scope, the CRM and SFA systems like Salesforce go lot further than just providing tools for CRM and SFA. These are systems that provide a platform on to which the organisations can build on or around their entire Information Systems architecture. Even where some bespoke systems are required to accomplish specific technical functions (e.g. accounting for most organisations or billing engines in telecomms).

The full report by Gartner can be seen by clicking here.




qm_sf2About the Author: Qasim Mahmood is a Business Solution Specialist with over 20 years of operational and project experience in a variety of verticals, defining, designing and implementing various types of operation and business support systems including Sales Automation, Billing, Service and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). More recently Qasim is concentrating on  based solutions for  charities and small businesses with a goal to make technology work within the constraints of time and budgets. For comments or further information about any of the aspects mentioned in the post please contact Qasim Mahmood directly on